Commercial Litigation

Efficient And Experienced Commercial Litigation.

O'Brien Law Offices, P.C., has an extensive commercial litigation practice. Our team has helped clients through all matters in commercial litigation, including:
• Breach of contract
• Breach of fiduciary duty
• Construction disputes
• Real estate litigation
• Civil fraud
• Shareholder disputes

Because of the unique and complex nature of these types of disputes, these cases are commonly assigned to the chancery division and tried before a judge rather than a jury. These cases also tend to be document-intensive, which places a high premium on pretrial discovery and strategy.

Our attorneys understand that most business owners do not want to be involved in extensive and expensive litigation. We try to negotiate peace when and where possible. But, in those cases where peace cannot be achieved on mutually acceptable terms, our attorneys are ready, willing and able to take a case to trial.

An Experienced Shareholder Litigation Attorney

Most small businesses are built on the dedication, commitment and energy of a few individuals. Organizers of a business are financially dependent upon each other and, as a result, strong emotional bonds are formed. Often, circumstances change and what had once been a successful marriage turns to an acrimonious corporate divorce. The attorneys at O'Brien Law Offices, P.C., have a broad base of experience with these intense, emotionally charged situations.

O'Brien Law Offices, P.C., represents majority shareholders, the company, minority interests, or the directors and officers of the company. Most attorneys practice in either litigation or transactions, but we practice in both areas. Each one of us helps inform the other. Litigating over the language in a contract makes a lawyer more sensitive about how to word the next contract they draft. We take advantage of that fact all of the time in our office.

Whether you are an officer who has uncovered waste or mismanagement within the company, a minority shareholder who is oppressed by majority shareholders in a power struggle or someone who needs assistance representing the company through an internal dispute, O'Brien Law Offices, P.C., has the experience and resources to help you.

Areas Of Concentration

O'Brien Law Offices, P.C., has an extensive commercial litigation practice.

Board, shareholder and partner deadlock Dissenters’ rights Breach of contract
Shareholder oppression claims Corporate dissolution Proxy fights
Breach of fiduciary duty, waste or mismanagement Accounting issues Construction disputes
Misappropriation of corporate opportunity Liquidation Real estate liquidation
Merger and acquisition disputes Self-dealing Shareholder disputes
 Breach of fiduciary duty Creditors’ claims Pretrial discovery and strategy
 Chancery division trials  Fraud Negotiated settlements

Choose An Attorney You Can Trust

No matter what kind of commercial litigation needs you have, make sure you choose an attorney with the experience and commitment necessary to secure the best possible outcome for you.

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