Business Transactions

Reliable Legal Representation In Business Transactions

O'Brien Law Offices, P.C., concentrates exclusively on serving the needs of businesses. Through the years, we have developed the knowledge and experience necessary to handle almost every legal challenge a business may face. We are confident that you will find our firm’s approach to service to be refreshingly different from other law practices.

Unlike lawyers who only litigate for a living, we understand that most business people would prefer to avoid the courtroom. When working on a business transaction, we keep in mind the simple truth that both parties want to get a deal done. That does not mean that we sacrifice our clients’ protections in order to consummate a deal. Quite the contrary, our courtroom experience has made us acutely aware of terms and conditions that are ripe for litigation and how those provisions can best be addressed within the contexts of a transaction.

Offering Services To Companies At All Stages Of The Business Lifecycle

We serve in a general advisory capacity for numerous corporations and limited liability companies. We realize our clients are looking for practical advice that will allow them to focus on their core business operations. We bring our knowledge and experience to bear on a variety of issues and provide common-sense, practical advice on how to best deal with those situations.

Many of our corporate clients have been with us since the day we helped them incorporate their businesses. We have watched those clients’ businesses grow throughout the years and have been there for every legal challenge that has accompanied their growth and success. We pride ourselves on our long-standing client relationships.

Buying And Selling A Business

O'Brien Law Offices, P.C., has extensive experience in all forms of corporate reorganizations. including acquisitions, mergers and purchases of equity or assets of publicly and privately held companies.

We work closely with our clients on these transactions in order to understand and respond to the complex issues involved. Our byline, “Where business comes for protection and advice,” reflects our role in these situations.

Our lawyers look out for the best interest of our clients whether we represent buyers, sellers, investors, venture capital firms, independent directors, and officers or institutional lenders.

Assisting In Transactions From Start To Finish

O'Brien Law Offices, P.C., prefers to be involved in all stages of the transaction from planning to negotiating to executing. We work in cooperation with our clients’ accountants, business brokers, lenders and other consultants in order to provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis of the business deal.

Behind every transaction is a simple truth that the purchaser wants to buy and the seller wants to sell. We understand that both sides of any transaction want to get the deal done but, at the same time, want to know what dangers they are facing. We start working with the idea of getting the deal done in a timely manner.

This perspective eliminates much of the time-consuming and costly elements that you may experience with other law practices. This perspective does not eliminate our objective of protecting your interest but does create a more constructive process.

The seller still wants to sell and the buyer still wants to buy. A good lawyer knows how to overcome the challenges presented in a transaction and get the parties to the goal they want to achieve. Please give us a call before you enter your next business transaction.

Areas Of Concentration

Drafting and negotiation of agreements Mergers, stock sales and purchases Commercial and residential real estate development
Corporate reorganization and restructuring  Formation of corporations and limited liability companies Mergers and acquisitions 
Government and regulatory agency compliance Shareholder disputes Drafting and negotiating of employment agreements
Due diligence review Commercial real estate purchase and sales Asset purchase agreements
Installment purchases
Residential real estate transactions Shareholder asset sale or purchase
Joint venture issues  Stock acquisition transactions Leases and other contracts
Confidentiality agreements Buy-sell agreements General corporate advising
Employment law     

Experienced Leadership In Your Business Transactions

Without an attorney to aid you, it can be easy for a business transaction to get out of hand, or cause more problems than you might expect. Let us help you make sure you are making the right choices for yourself and your business.